Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

A quick post to show some of the photos snapped during Milan's first Birthday bash. We had about 40 people over at the house to celebrate and I have to say that Danielle pulled it off single-handedly. She's remarkable!

...Happy Birthday Milan!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Bash countown!

Hello friends!

Every one's favorite little boy is in bed for the night now and as I have been known to do once in a while, I'm sitting here reflecting on a few things.

Firstly, the news is out about our pregnancy. King Milan will reign over a sibling until said wee tot can end the inevitable domination.

I say it in such a way because I'm almost certain Milan will continue to rule our castle for quite some time based on his ever-blossoming personality.

In fewer words: This. Child. Is. On. A. Roll.

He seems unstoppable with his energy and smiles, not leaving one single vacuum-line untouched, spreading toys and other inanimate objects alike all over the house.

His mobility has opened wonderful doors of imagination, creation and curious investigation. Hence Mommy getting a taste of the medicine she once bestowed on her own parents so many years ago.

Yes, my friends, believe it or not, I was once a child who was just into everything, given the right opportunity. In the mere blink of an eye, it was rumoured that I would just disappear and get into things pretty little girls should not be getting into...

Now it's 2009 and the little rug-rat that used to be Danielle lives again in our King Milan, who in the turn just of a few ca lander days will become 1 year old.

It seems like just last month that I was sitting up in the middle of the night starting the whole blog, baby still in utero.

Last night, (Bless Sasha's tolerant, golden heart) I was overcome with pregnancy-related hormones and shed a few tears. It was Robert Munch's "I Love You Forever" children's book that set me off. For those of you who haven't read the book, try and get your hands on it at some point, it's quite touching. Those who have read it will understand I'm sure.

So there I was crying away while Milan laughed at me. Literally. He thought it was funny! I just couldn't get over the fact that almost a year has passed and soon we will celebrate and watch him smash birthday cake all over his face the way 1-year-old's do. He's growing up!

Seeing who he is turning into has been such an amazing journey. He has a blessedly beautiful personality. He's so quick to smile, so confident, curious, clever, and a cheeky little bugger with a sense of humour to boot. He is macho and rough'n'tumble. Many times throughout the day he'll lose his footing and take a spill, but he just pops right back up, untouched, unfazed. Amazing. We just wait for him to start crying sometimes, but we're always impressed when he just brushes it off and keeps going.

Milan also has a sensitive side. There are periods through the day where he will stop playing and come in for a hug or quick cuddle, then off he goes back at whatever has his attention for the moment. It swells my heart to watch him drift to sleep at night. He has such soft smooth skin and the longest eyelashes ever.

Anyhoo - before I get myself all emotional again, we are having quite the party here at the house on Sunday. The invites are sent, the menu planned, decorations purchased, it looks like it's going to be a nice day out too!

I think last night I was partially emotional because this is the last birthday we will get to spend with Milan all alone before "baby makes 2". We've come to realize we need to take extra attention to cherish the moments we have alone, as a family of 3 before we set off on a new exciting journey full of love as a family of 4.

Here are a few photos that Daddy took yesterday of the little King.

He is so beautiful.

To be in your child's memories tomorrow, be in his life today.


Monday, July 20, 2009

We're Back with a Vengeance

We're back from our holidays in Europe and have a ton of photos and videos to share, but couldn't resist sharing this one first. This was a couple weeks ago when Milan walked for one of the first times; 10 and a half months and cruising around the house!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shame on me.

I thought that title would be appropriate seeing as numerous people have ever-so-subtly commented on my amazing absence of current blog entries.

I have to admit to feeling slightly overwhelmed right now as I write this based on the fact that so much has happened since I last posted. It may just come rushing out in one huge run-on sentence, but I will try my best to avoid that.

As I left off in my last woeful blog entry, Sasha was away in Singapore for 2 whole weeks.

I'd like to say, on a positive note, that I did very well holding down the fort during that first week. I stayed strong, the house was tidy, the baby was happy, nothing seemed amiss.

The second week of Sasha's absence.... not so much. In fact, it's probably not such a secret that I barely scrapped over the finish line.

Milan was waking up 2-3 times a night during that second week. Maybe he could sense that something wasn't quite right? I remember one pathetic moment where I was sobbing on the phone to Milan's grandmother, completely exasperated over the fact that Milan had smacked the spoon out of my hand and the food went flying. I know!! A perfect reason for a meltdown, right? At that very moment, I was sure I couldn't possibly go on. Milan thought it was funny and smiled his way through that ordeal.

It was tough, but we made it through and daddy came home and swept us off out feet with kisses and adoration, and the world continued to turn. I have a deep, newfound respect and admiration for single parents. They are real life heros.

Today I can recall the memories of that last week and kinda smile about it. Kinda.

During the period Sasha was away, Milan started to crawl! At first, I watched him do it without realizing just what the heck he was doing. It seemed so surreal. Back the bus up! Hold the phone! Nobody move - this is a stick up! Is our son crawling?!? Yes, he is! lol. I laughed so hard and he looked so proud. I just couldn't believe it. He made it look so easy and natural too. Why should I be surprised though... he is a natural born, genetically superior athlete, right? Right.

Now there is absolutely no stopping him. He. Is. Into. Everything. He has become unbelievably quick on those hands and knees too. His agility is amazing to watch. In the last couple of days he's been standing up and then forgets to hold on, so he is just standing there, all by himself. It's easy to see his balance is getting better everyday.

Also while daddy was away, Milan mastered crawling up the stairs. He can go all the way up!

The child has not even been born for as long as he was inside my tummy and look at everything he has done/can do!! The miracle of life is simply amazing to me sometimes.

Since Daddy has been home, Milan has had many firsts:

1) Ate a pickle. (loved it!)
2) Ate a french fry. (also loved it!)
3) Went swimming at the Waterloo Rec. center. (LOVES IT!)
4) Had his first non-family babysitter. (Mommy and Daddy loved it!)
5) Tried watermelon.
6) Had some toast with butter and honey. (loves it!)
7) Had a go at a cob of corn.

I'm sure there have been a few more first occurrences, but these are a few of the ones that stick out in my mind.

I really love this kid. He is just way too cute. People, including grown men. absolutely eat him up everywhere we go. He is such a flirt and doesn't make strange to anyone. He is quick to smile (just like his daddy) and when he does, his whole face lights up. People love him!

Wow. Listen to me...proud mom or what!?

Anyhoo - I will end here for now and promise to not let such a long period of time pass before our next blog entry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Letter to Sash - Day 1 of 14

Just to give you all a little run down of what the below nonsense is, Sasha is away in Asia for business for 2 whole weeks. This is the letter I sent him earlier this evening. Mostly being a smart-ass, but what the heck....

A comprehensive Summary of Today's Events.
by: Danielle Herakovic

Hello Husband. Please be advised that we miss you like crazy. Below you will find a condensed version of the today's events.

Early nap at 8am- 9:00/9:20am
Wondered how ever we will pass this day?
Realized I was kinda depressed and bummed out. Realization hits that I am alone without my soul mate, my lover, my better half, the father of our son, my baby-daddy. *sigh* Heavy heart ensues.

Pack Milan up, go to Fairview mall, mainly to loiter and carouse the halls, not really looking for anything. Took a very pleasant phone call from Mr. Brab, who was in need of my *ahem, note* assistance & advice. He consulted with me as to where to take a rock band for a photo shoot around the area and what photographic style to pursue. Mainly the last is falsified as Mr. Brab is a fantastically talented photographer, but I counselled him on this aspect none the less. (What, me give my unsolicited opinion? Pfst. Never.) Naturally, I blew him out of the water with ideas guaranteeing nothing but inevitable success. "Brad, rise like the Phoenix now. It's all up to you...." (This is what I said of course.)

Had some Thai Express, Mommy's favourite. Gave Milan some small pieces of rice to push around his tray and munch on.

Got home for 12 noon. Feed the boy.

Boy has nap around 1 ish, but due to teething wakes up shortly after. Seeks breast, receives breast. Falls back asleep nuzzled next to a sleeping mommy until 3:30pm.


Pack him up and walk to Shoppers. Mommy is quite dirty, not having showered since Tuesday morning. Mommy purchases body wash, new nail polish and new cookies for the boy, which he devours on the way home. Now he is a filthy mess.


Neighbour takes pity on Mommy and invites us for grilled cheese supper as her husband is also away. Delightful.

Dine and dash at neighbours, come home at 6:45, bath the boy, put him to bed after 2 songs, hop in shower, and begin composing a thoughtful report detailing the day.

7:46pm- I miss my husband.

7:51pm - still miss him.
8:01pm - I love you Sasha

Monday, April 13, 2009

Boy Gettin' Busy

As mother nature intended, every day that passes Milan is growing up and getting much more mobile and much busier. More personality is shining through those teasing, devilish eyes and boy oh boy, do we laugh sometimes at this kids' crazy antics.He is what we call, "body surfing" everywhere across the carpets and floors. Body surfing is not yet crawling, but still getting around.

Here are a few photos taken this afternoon prior to his nap. I have also taken the privilege of including a caption of what I assume was going through his head at the time. Enjoy.

"Okay, so if I can get my leg going the right way, I can maneuver my body in this direction therefore enabling me to pull toys out of that basket... Let's go."

"And heave! Hold the line....stay with me!!!"
(caption exerted from famous Mel Gibson movie.)

" Ahhhh. Now I see... using the gluteous maximus muscles in my lower region along with the pectoral muscles and the two stems known as 'my arms' will help me get into an upright position. This will allow me to access the items located on the upper portion of this peice of fine cabinetry. Not a problem."
"Hmmm, note to self: next time arrange for a small stepping apparatus to be brought for easier access to higher areas seemingly out of reach. Blast. Not a worry....all in due time mummy. All in due time. Muahhh ha ha ha"

*pause, look over shoulder for dramatic emphasis* " Hey Mom, you watchin'?""Insert smile here, wait for swooning mother to finish capturing precious moment.....annnnndd continue being way too adorable."
"Must closely investigate contents of this basket, making sure each item is chewed on, drooled on and thrown a satisfying distance from said basket."

Have a great day everyone!

Children reinvent your world for you.
Susan Sarandon

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bath Time!!

Just wanted to post a couple videos of Milan, before and during his bath!